Bobble of the Day

Player: Lebron James

Team: Miami Heat

Year: 2012

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles 

Fucking Lebron man. What can’t this guy do? I love this bobble in every fashion as it depicts winning the title for the Heat back in 2012. It’s absolutely flooded with detail so let’s get after it.

The base has a unique geometrical design to it that reads, “XV” and a picture of the championship trophy. The King’s name is raised letters in white with the base being all red which is flashy. The kicks, socks and shorts are pretty basic but the championship Miami Heat t-shirt is a good look. The championship gray hat is a typical feature as any team that wins a title, the players toss on the flat brimmed hat. 



Sniper Rating: Bron is holding 2 trophies, one being the Finals MVP and the other being the Championship trophy. I love that the NBA makes the Finals MVP trophy a shiny silver color as opposed to the all gold trophy as it’s a power move. When you win the MVP you want to stand out from the rest and Lebron is certainly doing that on this bobble. A hard to find Lebron bobble but well worth it if you find one to say the least. King James and his 2012 Finals MVP/Championship trophy bobble scores a sure fire 9.5.