Bobble of the Day

Player: Lebron James

Team: Cleveland Cavaliers

Year: 2016

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

So we all know the Cavs won the title in dramatic fashion last year beating Steph Curry and the Warriors. We all knew that companies would be mass producing a shit ton of Cavs bobbles and especially Lebron ones. Why wouldn’t they? He’s the best player in the NBA and if your reading this we may never see another player of his caliber ever again. He can single handily change a franchise around by himself. Ya, he’s made some bad choices in the past and he is a attention seeker, but his ability to play this game is earth shattering.

With that being said, out of all of the Cavs championship bobbles, this one by far steals the show. Firstly, the all-black jersey, shorts, socks and sneakers are fresh as hell. Bron is rocking the championship hat that the players receive after winning the title. And the fact that he’s holding up the Cleveland Newspaper is a great idea by the manufacturer. People in Cleveland have been dying for a ring for a long time and there’s Lebron, holding up the local paper as the Cavaliers are the champs. Now to the best part of the bobble; the net. In my 12 years of collecting bobbleheads I’ve never seen any basketball player wearing the net that was cut down after a team wins the whole thing. This idea was unreal that FOCO came up with. Literally, the net is just spread out all around his neck which makes this just an overall special bobblehead.



Sniper Rating: I don’t care if Lebron and the Cavs win another 4 rings and a lot more bobbleheads come out. This is one that you need to have. It’s very limited and every site I’ve been on says either sold out or on backorder. Lebron and his historical title that he won for Cavs nation scores a perfect 10.0