Bobble of the Day

Player: Larry Bird

Team: Boston Celtics

Year: 2003

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles 

Fucking Larry Legend man. Who doesn’t like Larry Bird? I don’t care if you’re 11 years old and never saw him play or you’re a 70 year old diehard Laker fan; EVERYONE loves Larry. He single handily turned the game of basketball around in the 1980’s. Just a young buck from French Lick Indiana who ended up being one of the greatest 25 players ever to play in the NBA. Let alone his shooting range, the fucking guy was tough as nails and went to battle with MJ and the Laker dynasty teams. 

This one is a 2003 “Hardwood Classics” Ticket Base that is not easy to find. I love the green Celtics colors on his jersey and the vintage short shorts. All players used to wear their shorts super high back in the 80’s. I think this Larry bobble is the best resemblance of facial and hair features as it looks exactly like him. Newer versions of Bird bobbles are pretty bad in looking like him. 

The base is the highlight of this bobble as it displays an actual game ticket to an NBA game. It’s got the Celtics logo and their mascot “Lucky” on the left side and “Hardwood Classics”  and the NBA logo on the right side. On the upper part of the base is gives a section, row number and seat number representing a ticket.



Sniper Rating: Everything screams “Homerun” bobble here Snipers. There’s a reason people call him “Larry Legend” as he was one of the best at his position. This is a definite classic bobble that must be obtained by any collector or NBA fan. Celtics’ bobbles are hard to find as manufacturer’s never really got into making to many bobbles of the players on the C’s to date. This one is very sturdy, has great colors to it and the stance of Larry taking the ball to the hoop with his left hand is classic. No doubt Larry and his ticket base bobble scores a true 9.5. 

PS. I love the box because it has catchy words printed all over the place that makes you feel like you scored an absolute winner. It says, “Vintage”, “Hardwood Classics”, “Limited Edition Collectible” etc.  Get this one Snipers!