Bobble of the Day

Player: Larry Bird

Team: Boston Celtics

Year: 2014

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

Ever since FOCO came out with these “newspaper” base bobbles, I’ve had a chubby. They are much more unique than the regular square or rectangle base. Plus, it’s a newspaper which means the player standing on top made headlines. 

Who doesn’t miss Larry Legend battling Magic, Jordan and Barkley on a nightly basis? The guy is still living Legend and this particular bobble represents how good he was. The base reads, “Celtics on up! Bird completes 1986 MVP Season with title and Finals MVP”. 

I love the vintage uniform with Celtic green and the home white uniform. Larry’s got the hiked up 80’s style shorts and the striped green tall socks. In one hand he’s holding the 86 Finals MVP trophy and in the other is the actual Finals trophy. 



Sniper Rating: I would assume any manufacturer who tries to create a bobble of Larry would have a difficult time designing the face and hair. Larry Bird has different features to his face and wavy, floppy blond hair which is hard to replicate. I think for the most part, FOCO did okay with this one. The hair is a bit to high and somehow they could have made his face a little bit older. I’m super critical on this one because I’m a C’s fan but overall it’s a good representation of Larry. 

Hard to come bobble of one of the greats, Larry and his historical 1986 season scores a 9.0