Bobble of the Day

Player: Kyrie Irving

Team: Cleveland Cavaliers

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

All this talk about Lebron being the greatest which he is, everyone always seems to forget about Dr. Drew. You can’t deny the handles Kyrie has and if it wasn’t for him, the Cavs would not have won the title last year. In this league you need a legit PG along with some other muscle to get to the Finals. 

I already previously did a vlog “Bobble of the Day” on Lebron’s 40 point game bobble, so this one will be very similar. 

Lebron and Kyrie both had that game in the Finals last year where they each dropped 40 points in the same game. Very tough accomplishment to do and this is why FOCO came out with these special edition Newspaper 40 point game bobbles. The base has their “40 Point Game” wording on top and the signature pose of Kyrie scrunched down with both fists clenched and him screaming. 




Sniper Rating: I recommend if you have one, you have to get the other. This is a 2 part bobblehead set and these both need to be in your collection. Don’t just get the Kyrie and not the Lebron and vice versa. Who the hell knows when the next time 2 Hall of Famers will each score 40 points in a Finals game ever again. Kyrie takes a back seat to Lebron, but he is no slouch. Score this one before they sell out and they start hitting ebay for 80.00 or more. Dr. Drew and his handles score a 9.5 rating.