Bobble of the Day

Player: Kris Bryant

Team: Chicago Cubs

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

So here we have the famous “Fly the W” bobble that Cubs fans adore. I had to get the set of these 4 but I’m pumping the breaks on ANY OTHER CUBS WORLD SERIES Championship BOBBLES from here on in. It’s crazy overkill and it’s a money making system for FOCO. Enough is enough. Not only can’t collector’s afford all the variations of Cubs bobbles, it’s just flat out stupid. If I was a Cubs fan who lives in Chicago or a season ticket holder and better yet a collector of Cubs memorabilia, I’d be RIPPIN pissed. I’m seriously starting to think of an OVERKILL boycott of bobbles for specific teams who hurt out pockets. It’s not fair and more importantly it’s not fun. 

Anyway, on to the bobble. It’s killer. Fucking Bryant just standing there holding the White flag after winning the World Series! The base is sturdy as fuck and very thick. FOCO did cut a corner and put Bryant’s name as a sticker. Why make such a desirable bobble and half ass it with a shitty sticker? Makes no sense. On top of the base it reads, “FLY THE W” and guess what? It’s raised and not a sticker! I’m getting pissed even writing this review.



Sniper Rating: I’m done with the ranting but in a angry way, this bobble does qualify being in your collection. It comes down to history and the Cubs made history winning the title last year. Who knows when they will win it again, and if they do win another title in the next few years, I wonder what genius idea the manufacturer will come up with next to suck the hard earned money out of our pockets. 

Fucking Bryant and the Fly the motherfucking W gets a 9.5.