Bobble of the Day

Player: Kobe Bryant

Team: Los Angeles Lakers

Year: 2016

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

So I’m calling anyone out there that thinks different, but this is the KING of all Kobe bobbles out there. Period. Why, because it’s loaded with accomplishments and trophies up the wazu? Maybe, but more importantly, what else can you ask for on a Kobe bobble? I’m not going to list every award that is on this bobble because I don’t have time for that shit. If you have it you can read it yourself. My 3 year old daughter is blowing chunks and I just don’t have the time to list all of them. I want to pump content out to you Snipers and it’s just not necessary to list every fucking award he’s earned on this bobble. 

All the awards he’s won are listed on the back shield which is a shit ton of them. Directly to the left is an image of the mamba shooting a J and it’s pure. Very good job whoever designed that image. I like the “all gold” base as it shines like the sun. On top of the base it says “24” to the left and to the right it says “Kobe Bryant” “Los Angeles Lakers”. I’m not a fan of this because there’s so many trophies and awards sitting on top that you can barely even read it. Coco could have saved us a little bit of money and did without the detail on the top of the base. 




Sniper Rating: Lastly, the stance Kobe has is boss. Just standing there, arms crossed and looking up to the rafters in the Staples Center. He’s got the kind of look that says, “What else can I accomplish”. Well the answer is nothing. His million awards that stand on top of the base says it all. FOCO made is arms pretty jacked which he is and it’s cool as hell. The mamba and his exclusive bobble scores a 9.5.

*Bonus Sniper Rating: This was a ballsy bobble to make. FOCO definitely strapped on a sack to create this. With all of the trophies and MVP emblems, you are EXTREMELY LUCKY for this to arrive at your house not damaged. The breakability, if that’s even a word, is ENORMOUS. I hope that all of you Snipers that bought this for a $100.00 that it came in one piece. The 3 I got did but one has to imagine that something on this bobble arrived broken. Very ballsy FOCO, VERY ballsy.