Bobble of the Day

Player: Kevin Durant

Team: Golden State Warriors

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

Ya, we all know KD jumped ship and left Russ out to dry in OKC. He isn’t very well liked by many fans of the NBA but you cannot deny his talent. The dude will go down as one of the best small forwards to ever step a sneaker on the court. 6’11 and arms longer than a firehose. Many of times he is un defendable. 

We all know he got the MVP last year and I just got my hands on his deluxe bobble from the Bobblehead Hall of Fame. The design of KD’s facial features are dead on and I love any bobblehead with the player holding the Most Valuable Player trophy. It shines and makes the bobble that much more attractive. 




Sniper Rating: FOCO didn’t cut any corners with this one as the letters “MVP” are standing tall on the backside of the bobble. Unfortunately, FOCO added the sticker for his name plate and as you can see, they are peeling.

Like him or not, YOU WILL regret not scoring this one down the road. A true collector’s item for any NBA fan and I promise you, you don’t wanna get stuck paying $60.00 an above on Ebay within the next year. Head over to the Bobblehead Hall of Fame and they’ll ship it to you for free. This KD is a knockout 9.5 rating without question.

Golden State Warriors 2017 NBA Champions Bobbleheads

Here’s a reminder of how good KD was in the Finals.