Bobble of the Day

Player: Kenley Jansen

Team: Los Angeles Dodgers

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: BD&A

You Dodgers fans won’t like this but I don’t know shit about this guy. I rarely watch Dodger games but I did see Kenley throw in this year’s All-Star game. According to his stats, he’s hands down the best closer in baseball. I posted a pic on Instagram with Craig Kimbrel and Jansen next to each other and I claimed Kimbrel is better. I take that back. Kimbrel, recently has has his fair shares of ups and downs and this dude Jansen continues to be lights out for the Dodger faithful. 

On to the bobble it self. A lot of West Coast Snipers have not said the nicest things about Dodger bobbles this season as they claim the quality is down a bit. I agree, but not on this one. I think the Dodgers did a good job with their closer on this one. Jansen is in his typical stance ready to chuck a seed to the dish. The base resembles a pitchers mound and the white raised letters against the blue trim look sharp. His cleats looks fresh as fuck and I love how the manufacturer has his fingers separated on the baseball. It gives it a much more “authentic” look. I guess it looks like Kenley with the chin strap beard and all of the numbers and letters are raised on his jersey front and back. 



Sniper Rating: I’m not a 100% sure what color glove he uses in games but if it’s a light brownish/orange looking color then this glove on the bobble is accurate as hell. The box is all black with shades of dark and light blue streaking throughout. Killer box if you ask me. So, this is a no brainer for Dodger fans to have in your collection as I wouldn’t have personally bought it as it was gifted to me. I like it. It’s cool and I’ll display it with the rest of my Dodger SGA’s. After all, what’s not to like having a bobble of the best closer in the game? Kenley Jansen’s SGA bobble directly from Dodgers Stadium scores a 9.0.