Bobble of the Day

Mascot: JayHawk 

Team: Kansas Jayhawks

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles 

The Jayhawk! Here he is in the flesh! The guys over at the Bobblehead Hall of Fame did a bang up job on this beauty. In my eyes, the Jayhawk is a very underrated mascot in college hoops. I love everything he brings to the table each and every game.

So the Jayhawks won 3 National Championship titles and all 3 years are viewed on the back screen of the bobble. The 3 trophies are sitting nice and snug in various positions on the top of the base. The actual base has a unique geometrical design of the logo of the Kansas Jayhawks which is awesome. Jayhawk himself is sporting eye popping yellow shoes and is wearing the Jayhawk official shorts and jersey. Considering he’s a bird, I love the all-blue feathers from head to toe with the Jayhawk. 



Sniper Rating: What stands out the most is Jayhawks dome piece. The red feathers along with the bright yellow beak will turn heads in your collection. Given the fact that he’s holding the ball makes you believe he’s going to the hole and laying it up. I cannot stress enough to scrap some cash and score this one. Only limited to 216, these will fly off the shelves come tournament time and you don’t want to miss out by not getting one. Head over to, click on “shop” and scoop one up. Jayhawk and Kansas’ 3 National Titles exclusive bobble scores a knock out 9.0.