Bobble of the Day

Player: Johnny Manziel

Team: Texas A&M Aggies

Year: 2014

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

We’re going to put off all the antics regarding behavior, drunkenness, drugs, fucking, career going downhill etc. We all know what Johnny Football did after college and it’s quite embarrassing to the public and I’m not here to make a mockery of him. 

No one can deny Johnny was unreal playing for the Aggies. He was literally unstoppable. He found receivers at will and more importantly scrambled like no other quarterback I’ve ever seen. I would put him up there with Michael Vick as one of the best running with the ball to avoid taking a sack or a loss of yards. 

Now this bobble is pretty dope. The base is sick as it’s got the “12th Man” splattered all over it which anyone who knows Aggie country, it’s very hard to win a football game there if your an opposing team. Johnny’s name is in raised letters on the front and the top of the base in white lettering which offsets the maroon color that surrounds. Johnny himself discovered the cash money hand movements proving that he’s money when he scores a TD from anywhere on the field. His uniform is laced with maroon and white colors with cool looking stripes down the pant leg. His facial features and hair look identical to what he looks like. 



Sniper Rating: Everyone tends to laugh at this bobble because Johnny made the choice to party and behave erratically, therefore he currently does not play the game of football any longer. When having this bobble in hand, I tend to think of his college days rather than his career afterwards. He will be a forever legend in college football and this bobblehead tells the story of that. Emotions and negative publicity aside, Johnny Football scores an 8.5 on his “12th Man” college bobblehead.