Bobble of the Day

Player: Johnny Bench

Team: Cincinnati Reds

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

So FOCO released their 1st line of MLB Legends bobbles and some are just eh and a few others are total kick ass. When the first series was released, the ONLY one that caught my attention was Johnny. He is a Cincinnati hero and one of the best to strap on the catchers gear behind the dish.

Johnny is in his “catcher’s” pose stance ready for the pitch and I love the red shin straps and red chest protector. I try and score as many catcher’s as I can as I feel they hold more value and are just more desirable to the standard collector. FOCO added a photograph of Johnny on top of the base which really pops. There’s gold trim around the bottom of the perimeter of the base and a red slab just above. Although, the letters aren’t raised and that takes some good value away from the bobblehead itself. 



Sniper Rating: This is one of the most deluxe boxes I’ve ever laid eyes on. On one side has Johnny’s photograph just like his bobble stance and on the back has the Cooperstown Hall of Fame logo. 2 killer features Snipers. Box designs are very underrated and the creativity of this Bench bobble that FOCO created scores a 9.0. It would have notched a perfect 10 if the letters were raised. Scoop this one up Snipers as they won’t last forever!