Bobble of the Day

Coach: Joe Paterno

Team: Penn State 

Year: 2005

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

Alright there’s no need to get into the shit mess that happened at Penn State in recent years. We all know Joe Pa looked the other way and didn’t saying about the scumbag Sandusky. It’s all kinds of fucked up but we’re here to talk bobbles and believe it or not this is a good one.

No one can deny Joe Pa was a legendary coach as people in Happy Valley worship him. This bobble stands out because Joe Pa is standing on artificial grass and is decked out from head to toe. He’s rocking the khaki pants, shirt, tie and of course the Penn State jacket. I love how FOCO put on the dark shades because that’s what Paterno always wears. His facial features are on point and he’s got the dark slick back hair look.



Sniper Review: There’s no denying that what Joe Pa did was wrong hence that’s why the university took down his famous statue on campus. This one needs to be in your collection. I cannot tell you how many times people come down to the bobble cave and comment on it. Granted, it’s not always the best comments considering what happened, but people talk about it. It’s a piece of history and that’s the way you should look at it. Joe Pa and his legendary career bobble scores a firm 8.5 rating.