Bobble of the Day

Jimmy Buffett “Parrot Head”

Team: Lowell Spinners

Year: 2004

Manufacturer: Associated Premium Corporation

The Lowell Spinners had a “Parrot Head” night back in the summer of 2004. According to my sources, the Spinners have no affiliation to Jimmy Buffett but they wanted to have a cover band play some of Jimmy’s music prior to the game. They also handed out 500 of these Jimmy Buffett “Parrot Head” bobbleheads to celebrate the night. I was never really a huge “Buffet” type of guy but I dig his song Margaritaville and I’ve gone to his restaurant up at Foxwoods Casino before. Apparently, this dude has a fucking following larger than Justin Beiber getting his dicked sucked by a million groupies. I’ve actually have been to the Casino before playing poker and drinking some crafty’s when he was playing in the arena. Let me tell you, as soon as that concert let out, the mother fucking Parrot Heads took over the entire place. They were everywhere with beach gear on, stupid looking hats and t-shirts, you name it. I guess it’s safe to say this dude is a boss.

So not really being a huge Buffet kinda guy, I dig this one. There’s about a zillion different variations of colors on this thing and what obviously stands out the most is the parrot head. His big ole beak just ready to chomp down on a juicy cheeseburger that’s in his hand. The shirt is designed with a floral look to give off the vibe he’s at a beach. The logo of the Lowell Spinners is on his hat and across his shirt. I love how they threw the parrot resting on a bat as it is a baseball bobblehead giveaway. 


Sniper Rating: If you’re a Buffet fan this one is for you. I only got it because I’m a Sox fan and I typically get all of their minor league bobbles one way or another. This sits front in center in one of my curio’s only because it pops with all the colors. It’s very well made and sturdy as hell. These don’t pop up on Ebay very often without being damaged so I guess I’d consider this pretty rare. I like it a lot because it’s not your typical baseball bobble. It’s a fan who’s dressed as a parrot as a follower of a huge icon in the music industry. Jimmy and his Parrot Head crew gets a 8.5 on this.

PS- Just a standard white box puts a downer on things. And also, why doesn’t it say “Parrot Head” on the base anywhere? If it said that this bobble would get a sure fire 10.0.