Bobble of the Day

Player: Jim Abbott

Team: Inland Empire 66ers  

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: Alexander Global Productions

What a sentimental bobblehead we have here. Unless you live under a rock, everyone should know who Jim Abbott is. Born without a right hand from birth, this dude made it all the way to the Majors and was one hell of a pitcher for many teams.

The 66ers out in Cali gave out this bobble last week who are an affiliate of the Los Angeles Angels. Everything about this bobble screams a winner. Everything is raised as far as letters. Everything! Abbott’s name, Angles and his number on the front and back of his jersey as well as the Halo’s logo on the hat. AGP did a bang up job with this one. The facial features are spot on and his hair is very detailed. What’s most highlighted on this bobble is Abbott’s glove resting on his right hand. The glove is perfectly placed like Abbott does when he transfers his glove to his left hand. 




Sniper Rating: This is a special bobblehead. It’s damn near impossible to make it to the Majors. It’s even more unthinkable to be a dominant pitcher nevertheless throw a no hitter with one fucking hand! This gamer of pitcher defies all odds and demonstrates that you can literally do anything in this world if you work hard. Jim Abbott is the perfect person to idolize when it comes to achieving your goals. This special edition bobble scores a 9.5.

P.S. The box is killer! High glossy coating with photos and in addition, the 66ers provided other giveaways they are doing throughout the season. Very smart marketing tactic.