Bobble of the Day 

Player: Jesse James

Team: Penn State/Pittsburg Steelers

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: Unknown

So the tight end for the Steelers is this dude named Jesse James. Most people think of the name Jesse James and think of the American outlaw, bank and train robber, but no. This Jesse James was the Penn State tight end who broke the school record with 11 career touchdowns as a TE. This was a SGA given out by State College Spikes which is a low minor league college. 

The detail on this James one is incredible. The unknown manufacturer split his body in two different uniforms. Half Penn State and half Pittsburg Steelers. I love the Penn State all white helmet and white pants. And then you have the Steelers colors on the opposite side. James is a big ass dude and his stance is killer as he’s crossing the goal line with both arms flared open as he’s holding the football. 




Sniper Rating: The feature I dig most on this bobble is the base. An all-green platform with white lined stripes that resemble a college end zone. All 4 orange pylon cones are very visible and stand out like crazy. Without a doubt this bobble is legit. Any bobble given away at a college game is a must have. Let alone the box is crazy flooded with colors, photos and stats is an added plus. Make no mistake, if you’re a college football or NFL fan and love the rugged big ass dudes who are Tight Ends, then this one is for you. A tough find on the open Ebay market, Jesse James’ duel college/NFL bobble scores a 9.0.