Bobble of the Day

Player: Jason Kidd

Team: University of California, Berkeley

Year: 2018

Manufacturer: BD&A

Jason Kidd never had a lot of flare. He’ll never be remembered as a Lebron, KD or Curry. He was actually an awful shooter. What made Kidd so great was his willingness to distribute the ball and allow his teammates to score. Kidd started the trend of pass first, along with Steve Nash. U of Cal finally decided to dedicate a night to all fans by giving away a Kidd SGA bobblehead at a recent game. It boggles my mind why more colleges don’t do bobble giveaways of former GREAT players. It’s a money making system to fill seats and better yet, please fans who loved Jason Kidd or that of any player. 

This SGA of Kidd disappoints me very much. First of all, it only stands a mediocre 5 inches. It’s basically a mini bobble. The amount of money Cal Berk collects from student tuition makes me wonder why this couldn’t be an 8 inch standard sized bobble.

Anyway, Kidd’s face looks NOTHING like him. I swear, if you covered the jersey and the name plate, you’d have no idea who this bobblehead is of. The ears are way to big and BD&A could have made his face a bit wider. One thing they did well, was they captured his one hand release when he shoots the ball. I will give them that. The uni and body structure is pretty spot on and the letters are raised which is a plus. 




Sniper Rating: As a bobblehead reviewer, and a Jason Kidd fan, why in the hell did Cal Berk decide to have him shooting? He is known for his passing ability. I would have loved to seen Kidd dishing out an assist, instead of his one-handed jump shot. Poor execution by Cal and BD&A for not overriding this decision. 

This is NOT a must have in your collection but if you are a HUGE Kidd fan, then score it. It will run you just under $40.00 on Ebay and I actually traded for this one. Poor facial design and horrible pose, this Jason Kidd bobblehead scores a below average 4.5 rating.

This mixtape is much more exciting than his bobble by far.