Bobble of the Day

Player: Ivan Rodriguez

Team: Florida Marlins 

Year: 2017 

Manufacturer: BD&A

So the year Pudge gets inducted into the Hall of Fame, many teams gave out Pudge bobbleheads and rightfully so and the Marlins jumped in. This one is kick ass in terms of the meaning behind it. 

Pudge is in the famous pose when he held on to the ball after getting pile driven to the ground from close play at the plate. As you can see from the video below, Pudge got the shit knocked out of him but still held on to the ball. 

The base is square and has the home plate on top which is an obvious move. Pudge is in his catchers gear and the most important thing, is he’s showing the ball he caught after getting run into. It’s a powerful play and a huge moment in Marlins history.


Sniper Rating: The box adds that much more likability to the bobblehead as it includes photo’s of Pudge and Marlin colors all over each side of the box. A sure fire bobble to score for your collection as Pudge is now a member of the Hall of Fame and this item belongs in your cabinet. Pudge scores a solid 8.0.