Bobble of the Day

Player: Ichiro Suzuki

Team: Seattle Mariners/Miami Marlins

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: BD&A

Apparently within the past few years, when a player plays for multiple teams and they come out with a tribute bobblehead, they put both jersey’s on the player. This duel Ichiro bobble has him in his Mariners and Marlins jersey which I think is a cool idea.

Given out a few weeks ago in Seattle, this one fetches quite the price tag on Ebay. I was fortunate to have a connection out in Seattle who gifted me this one. 

Ichiro in his Seattle uni is highlighted by recording 262 hits in 2004 which is a single season record. In his Marlins uni, Ichiro is highlighted by recording his 3,000th hit which is remarkable. The base is a sleek silver color with Ichiro’s letters (raised) in a darkish blue color. BD&A did a fantastic job creating this one with 2 different stances. Seattle Ichiro is slapping a hit to the left side of the infield and Marlins Ichiro is following through with a 2 run double that smacks the bottom base of the wall in centerfield. Both emblems depict his accomplishments and the colors align with the lettering of his name. 



Sniper Rating: This is a homer bobble and a must have but I do have a very strong complaint. It seems that this bobble was rushed dramatically as there’s glue spots everywhere and both heads don’t bobble as well as I assumed. I know we all have to embrace imperfections but the structure of this one could have been better. At first I thought this one I received in the mail was the only one that had some major imperfections, but scrolling through Ebay I noticed a lot of them had the same issues. A lot of sloppy glue over many necks and quite a few chips around the back of the base. BD&A rushed this one a bit but I’m willing to give them a pass because they typically produce well made products for us fans. At the end of the day, you have to include this in your collection and it receives a solid 8.0 rating.