Bobble of the Day 

Player: Ichiro Suzuki

Team: Orix Blue Wave, Yankees, Mariners, Marlins

Year: 2018

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

Fucking Ichiro Snipers. The dude started his professional career in Japan with the Orix Blue Wave and came over to the US to break all kinds of hitting records. He doesn’t and never had a lot of power but can slap the shit out of a base hit like you wouldn’t believe. Now a lot of people are going to honor Pete Rose as the most hits in professional baseball but Ichiro takes the crown because over in Japan they field a professional team. There’s lots of controversy over the most hits by a single player but I gotta go with Ichiro. You have to take a step back and visualize how incredible 4,257 hits are. The amount of dominant pitching this guy has seen is ridiculous and I don’t think I’ve taken 4,000 shits in my lifetime never mind a professional hitter whacking 4,000 plus hits on a baseball field! 

FOCO surprised us baseball fans with a quadruple bobble of Ichiro in all 4 of his uniforms which is crafty as fuck. The base reads “The Most Hits Ever Across MLB And Japan’s NPB. Raised letters of course and logo’s of the 4 teams he’s played for. Each bobble of Ichiro has him in a different stance which is complete attention to detail! Every pose is vintage Ichiro and out of all of them, I love the bat pointing up on his Orix Blue Wave bobble. Any sensible baseball fan knows Ichiro holds his bat pointing up prior to the pitch being delivered. 






Sniper Rating: This quadruple bobble of Ichiro is limited to only 360 and the bobbles themselves are roughly 4.5 inches. If they were standard sized 8 inch bobbles it would look stupid. The size they are now is perfect as it won’t take up to much room in your display case. You don’t need me to tell you that you need this. Unique players like Ichiro don’t come around to often and he’s a shoe-in for the Hall of Fame. Given the detail, bright colors all-around and the fact that it’s a 4 player bobblehead you can’t pass this one up. A knockout 10.0 rating for this Ichiro bobblehead.