Bobble of the Day

Player: Hines Ward

Team: Pittsburgh Steelers

Year: 2006

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles 

Fucking Hines Ward man. The guy is a Steeler legend and what he did in Super Bowl 50 was boss. He caught 5 passes for 123 yards and a TD which solidified him as the MVP. 

Now this bobble is mother f’n hard to find. These sold out quickly as Steeler Nation loves their team and apparently there are a lot of bobbles collectors in Pennsylvania. We’ll start off with the base shining bright with a chrome finish to it. The letters MVP stand strong on the back and has the Super Bowl logo in the middle of the V. The front shows a lot of bling as the Championship ring sits with replica diamonds and the Steelers logo. I’ve determined any bobble that has a championship ring on the base is total badass. There’s no denying that aspect. You know you’ve made it when you have a diamond fucking ring next to your pose. The color combinations are pretty standard as far as Steelers colors are concerned. When the winning Super Bowl team wins the championship, they typically toss on the SB t-shirt and hat. Hines is wearing both in this special bobble along with the MVP trophy. He’s just standing there holding it like a boss!


img_2581  img_2582

img_2583  img_2584

Sniper Rating: Considering Steeler Nation are a bunch of crazy mother f’ers and given the fact that this is a hard bobble to come by, if you can find it, you better get it! The box is as detailed as they come with Steeler colors and Hines’ name and number are the focus on the front of the box, this a sure fire score. Hines and his historical MVP bobble receives a strong 9.5. 

PS. One thing about Hines Ward that I don’t particularly like is the fact that when Jerome Bettis retired, Hines cried like a little bitch on national TV. Man up dude. It was Jerome’s time to hang it up and you need to control yourself a little. Other than that, get this bobble asap!