Bobble of the Day 

Player: Hanley Ramirez

Team: Boston Red Sox

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: Unknown 

I always talk about the “hunt” of finding a certain bobblehead. This one classifies as a “Track Down” bobble. This Hanley was only given out at Sprint stores in Southern Massachusetts if you signed up for a mobile phone plan. I’m an ATT kind of guy and have been since I was 18 when I got my first flip phone. Anyway, I wouldn’t buy a contract ever through Sprint because all I’ve ever heard was they have shit service. That being said, I wonder why they are giving out Hanley Ramirez bobbleheads?? hmmmmmmm. Maybe need more customers?

So I have a good friend who scored me some and he hustled for them. This dude went to multiple stores and made up different names and shit. I don’t wanna ask to many questions as I was fortunate enough to have some in my possession. I think if you bought anything from the one of many Sprint stores you got a bobblehead as well, not just signing up for a contract. 

Enough of the background talk, let’s get to the fucking bobble. I will say this is by far the best “look alike” face of ALL Hanley Ramirez bobbles. He’s got the chubby cheeks with his jaw line beard and go tee. If you notice, there’s no sign of any Red Sox logo or names anywhere! Not on the helmet or jersey, meaning the Red Sox did not approve this for licensing. His uniform is very blah with just a red jersey, white pants with a pinstripe and a navy blue helmet. That’s it. Although, our Sprint designers made him have the dreads hanging out of the back of the helmet and earrings in both ears!




Sniper Rating: The box is flooded with yellow and black colors representing Sprint obviously. His name and and statistics are on the back of the box which is a cool feature. 

Overall, is this the best bobblehead ever? No. Is it plain? Yes. Is it a bitch to find? YES! And that’s why I love it. If you’re in the market for this one good luck finding it. As of now, I have not seen one on Ebay. I’m sure a few will surface eventually, but who knows what the price will be. The rarity of this bobble is epic and even know it’s not the most flashy bobblehead out there, it’s definitely a “track down” item for sure. Hanley and his mysterious “Sprint” promotional bobble scores a 9.5. 

P.S. Thank you Sprint for handing out a bobblehead when know one will sign up for your shit service plans.