Bobble of the Day

Mascot: Halloween Mr. Met 

Team: New York Mets

Year: 2015 Bobble of the Month

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles 

The 2nd series of the Mets doing the “Bobble of the Month” shows October being Mr. Met Halloween. This one is fresh as hell and gets any fan into the spirit of Halloween for numerous reasons. The base is a shiny chrome color with a raised Mets logo and of course the word “Halloween” on the front. I love the base because it makes the entire bobblehead more attractive being a nice and shiny color. In addition, Mr. Met is dressed as Dracula with a black cape, a red bow tie and a top hat that has the Mets logo on the front. It screams spooky! On his right arm lies a black bat that actually bobbles which is unique as fuck. It’s attached very securely so it won’t crack off. FOCO also put a tombstone standing upright on the back of the base to represent a graveyard. And lastly, Mr. Met is holding a light up pumpkin that’s connected by a magnet. You can take it off, twist the pumpkin on the bottom and it flashes several different colors. I typically don’t keep it running all the time so I can’t really tell how the battery life of the pumpkin is. The color combinations of the inner cape being red goes very well with Mr. Met’s red bow tie. 



Sniper Rating: The amount of detail that this Halloween bobble has is incredible. If you’re a Mets fan this is a must have. If you’re a baseball fan this is a must have. If you live under a rock this is a must have. Everyone loves Halloween as it’s not only for kids but adults as well. You’re kids will love this bobble as I’ve never seen anything like it and the fact that the pumpkin lights up is a huge attention grabber. This will turn heads at any party or get together and will make you feel excited that everyone that sees it and will want it! Can you imagine having this displayed on Halloween night sitting on your front porch as all the trick or treaters  stare in amazement? I can and I will be doing this. Happy Halloween as Mr. Met receives a 9.5 rating. 

PS-The fact that this is a 10 inch bobble makes it stand out even more. It’s huge!