Bobble of the Day

Player: Gordie Howe

Team: Hartford Whalers

Year: 2018

Manufacturer: AGP

Last night was crazy at the XL Center. When I attend bobble giveaway games, I love the excitement and adrenaline prior to entering the gates. The juices were flowing and their was a huge buzz in the air. These fans were fucking crazy, as they love their Whalers and the Hartford Wolfpack paid tribute to Gordie Howe. I’m not the biggest hockey buff, but my buddy Jay enlightened me prior to the game that Gordie Howe was the king of hockey before Wayne Gretzky. So this is one bobble I had to score.

For all you hockey diehards, to this day, this is the ONLY Hartford Whalers bobblehead in existence. The green jersey is very eye-catching and the bottom of the base has Gordie’s name in white raised letters. I wish AGP put a hockey puck design on top of the base instead of a plain white base. The socks, pants, jersey, gloves and skates are ABSOLUTELY laced with design. I’ve seen other hockey SGA’s and they don’t even come close to the detail on this Gordie. The “Whale” logo is everywhere and the finest detail with colored stripes are seen throughout the uniform.







Sniper Rating: My biggest impression lies within the sturdiness of the bobblehead. A lot of hockey bobbles have cracks in the ankles and break easily. AGP made it a point to create a brick-shithouse sturdy as fuck legs. This thing won’t break at all. 

Overall, this Hartford Whalers Gordie Howe bobblehead is one of the most deluxe hockey bobbles I’ve held in hand. We all got white standard boxes which kind of sucked but we are stuck with it. We scored a bunch and as you already know, my 2 year old shit her pants and we ran out of diapers. We had no choice than to leave. Family ALWAYS comes first and I didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable and we had an hour ride home in the pouring rain. Now, if she didn’t shit her pants, this could have easily turned into a 40-50 bobblehead night score. Oh well. A great night at the XL Center and Gordie hands down scores a 9.0 rating.