Bobble of the Day 

Player: Giancarlo Stanton

Team: Miami Marlins

Year: 2016

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

Many fans don’t have the opportunity to watch Stanton play often because of the small market team the Marlins are. But when the Marlins are on the road and he comes to your town you better get to know him quickly. The dude hits absolute moon shots that haven’t even landed yet. 

This one, exclusively sold at the Marlins Team Store is a beauty and they sold out very quick! I love the geometrical base with the Marlins logo right on the top. Stanton’s name is a a plain ole sticker slapped on the front which is a lazy move by FOCO. Very disappointed they went in this direction. I do love the fact that Stanton is in his homer stance as he should be. The orange jersey color really makes this item pop with attractiveness. His facial features are designed well and overall has excellent detail. 



Sniper Rating: Aside from the sticker for a name this is a must have in your collection. I say that a lot about which bobbles should be in your possession but I really mean this one. Stanton is a true homerun hitter and one of the most exciting players in the game today. Once the All-Star game festivities begin in Miami this summer, these will fly right off of Ebay. If you get lucky try and snag one now! Giancarlo and his well detailed bobble score a 8.5.