Bobble of the Day

Player: George Springer

Team: Houston Astros

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

How about this phenom? Straight out of Uconn and the next thing you know he’s killing it at the Big Leagues. Given the fact that he stutters when he talks and has overcome crazy speech obstacles, he’s the most confident dude on the planet earth. Good for him for not giving a shit what other’s think! Springer was dynamite in the World Series and he was beyond deserving of the MVP award. 

FOCO always makes the MVP bobble 10 inches and it just stands out that much more. The MVP trophy is a nice and shiny chrome color and Springer is grasping it ever so tight. The base has a killer geometrical design to it and has the burnt orange/navy blue colors splattered on top.



Sniper Rating: FOCO didn’t only made 2017 of these unlike previous years where they made million Cubs WS bobbles, so this will become a tough find in a few years. Given the fact that Springer is just starting his career makes this bobble more desirable. I wish the front letters were raised but prices have gone up tremendously and I can see why FOCO didn’t include that feature. Lastly, the facial features are spot on and this George Springer bobblehead scores a 9.0. 

P.S. The fact that FOCO included Springer’s mohawk hair flaring out of the back of his hat is deluxe!

Here’s a taste on how good he was in the WS.