Bobble of the Day 

Player: Gary Carter

Team: New York Mets

Year: 2013

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles 

One could say this is in the category of “holy grails” as far as Mets bobbleheads are concerned. FOCO came out with these beauties back in 2013 and the Carters sold out pretty damn fast. I scored a case of them and just sold my last one for sale for well over $300.00 bones. For some reason these don’t pop up on Ebay to often. The Kid was an all time great and just a great guy overall. 

FOCO did not hold back on this one. The detail within this bobble is special as it commemorates the Mets winning the 1986 World Series. Gary is running to the mound in celebration with the old school pinstripe uniform which I love! The leg and chest protector cannot be designed any better. They are both royal blue with an orange trim around the perimeter. F#*&^ing incredible! I don’t know what goes on over in China when these are made, but the catcher’s mask is not cheaply made. Whoever molded and painted it needs to get a raise. It’s sturdy, thick and heavy. No cheap material on that particular piece. The base has the Mets logo with the World Series trophy right by Gary’s side. I love the blue trim on the front of the base with Gary’s name in white raised letters. Well done FOCO!



Sniper Rating: The hair and facial features on Carter are dead on point. The mouth opened with excellent detail of his teeth and let alone his curly hair coming out of the sides of the catcher’s helmet is precise. Of course The Kids Cooperstown Hall of Fame plaque sits against the back of the base and reads, “ Gary Edmund Carter” It states the teams he’s played for and some stats. 

There’s no doubt about it, Gary Carter’s well detailed bobble scores a stand up 10.0. This is right in front of my curio to display proudly. A Hall of Fame player and even a better person. RIP Gary Carter as we lost you to soon.