Bobble of the Day

Player: Fred Lynn

Team: USC Trojans

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: Success Promotions

I love any USC Trojan bobbleheads. I love them! I love the colors, the logo and the school. It doesn’t matter who the player is, I’ll still find a way to score it for the collection.

So this was obviously a must have for me as Freddy Lynn played for my Red Sox for quite some years. Initially, I love the batting stance follow through as Freddy looks like he’s going yard. The uniform is old school USC with the high stir ups and the red and yellow outline around the entire uniform. 



Sniper Rating: This is a well made, sturdy bobble. Nothing is loose on it, it’s got a good feel and the base resembles home plate with his name in raised letters. Absolute must have for a USC fan. Freddy Lynn and his USC bobble scores an 8.0.