Bobble of the Day

Player: Fernando Valenzuela

Team: Los Angeles Dodgers

Year: 2011 SGA

Manufacturer: ?

Love what the Dodgers did in 2011 with this Valenzuela bobble as a giveaway. The detail in this one is epic. On September 17th 1981, Fernando Valenzuela threw his 8th shutout of the season and set a new National League record. Fans loved Fernando’s whacky delivery and “Fernandomania” swept across Southern California.
In 2011, the Dodgers produced an official “Fernandomania” Stadium Giveaway and gave it out to fans on July 26th. There’s many pro’s to this bobble. I love the colors of Dodger blue on Fernando’s jacket, cleats and hat. The gray outline on the base and surrounding edges offsets the whole bobble which is cool as shit. Fernando is ready to sign some autographs with his pen and his hair sticking out in back is a dope add on. The background sign reads, “Go Fernie” along with “Viva Fernando”! It’s got definite structure and overall very detailed bobble. The original collector’s box is full of color and pictures highlighting Fernando’s historic career.

Sniper rating: As stated above, the detail, colors and design of this one is the shit. Great player, great team, killer bobble. The designers definitely put some time into this one. Unfortunately, I could not track down the manufacturer of this bobble and that’s even after reaching out to some of my Dodger bro’s out in Cali which they didn’t know as well. I would assume is BD&A but don’t want to put a stamp on it without knowing for sure. There’s several on eBay, make sure you score one as its one of my favorite Dodger bobbles. In addition, make sure if you make a purchase through eBay, be sure to let the slapdick seller know to package this well as there’s various fragile pieces to it. Finally, this SGA of the great Fernando is getting a solid 9.0

Fernando ValenzuelaFernando Valenzuela