Bobble of the Day

Player: Ezekiel Elliott

Team: Dallas Cowboys

Year: 2016

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles 

Unless you live under a rock, you know Zeke will most likely be the NFL MVP this year for the Boyz. His numbers speak for themselves and the dude is a beast. He’s fast, he knows how to hit the holes and he doesn’t fumble the ball to much. For a rookie, his numbers are insane. Does he have the best offensive line for him to have the holes he has? Yes, but he still has to make things happen and he does. 

I’ll be the first to admit I had a draft day bobble obsession about 5 years ago. I scored any draft day bobble known to man. I’m talking, MLB, NBA, NFL and even NHL hockey ones. It came to a point that I got so many of them, often times that “star” player didn’t pan out to well and I was stuck with a shitty draft day player bobble. I stopped by them and passed on A LOT of good players. I think overall, I got sick of them. That being said, I turned the corner and forgot about the past and scored this Zeke draft day bobble. This one was on my radar but I told myself I’d wait until he plays 8-12 games and see how he’s doing. Well, he’s nasty and this is a dynamite bobble. 

When a top notch first round player gets drafted on draft night, they typically wear funky outfits. Zeke decided to rock a light blue suit with white pants. He does this fucking thing where he has his undershirt half way cut off to show off his abs. I think it’s gay as hell but he’s doing him. I guess it would look cool if he shaved his fucking stomach hair to look ripped, but it’s hairy as hell and looks stupid. FOCO did not add that feature on his draft bobble and thank god. 

I like the base as it’s got a unique design to it and it’s thick and sturdy. It has his name on the front and the Cowboys logo on the sides. The back emblem that says “NFL Draft 2016” and it’s cool because it’s almost a raised back to the overall bobble. I dig the color combinations of light baby blue and white. The Cowboys jersey is fresh as fuck as the Cowboy blue colors stand out well in his name and #1. 




Sniper Rating: In addition to all of the in’s and out’s of this bobble, his face is replicated pretty well as he looks like in real life. The beard is dope and the face is full. Overall, this one belongs in your collection. I say that a lot to many bobbles but this is one YOU NEED. He’s only into 17 games in his career and it looks like a promising one as he’s literally going to smash every record if he stays healthy and the O line stays intact. I haven’t scored a draft day bobble in a while but I’m glad I got this one. Zeke and his historical season scores a sure fire 10.0.