Bobble of the Day

Player: Ezekiel Elliott

Team: Dallas Cowboys

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

You want a “Beast” of a collectible? Look no further Snipers. FOCO just came out with a 12 inch Zeke exclusive and it’s epic. Everyone knows Zeke is a beast and that he plows over defenders like they are tackling dummies. We also know how he can single handily push a fantasy football team dead smack into the finals. 

The base literally resembles a brick. Yes, a brick. It’s over an inch thick and has the Cowboys logo on the bottom and Zeke’s name in raised white letters. The top of the base is a replica football field with yard markers and 2 orange pylon cones that bobble. They bobble! Very intelligent design creation by the guys over at FOCO. These pylon cones are so sturdy, you can flick them and the spring won’t even pop out of place. On the sides of each base has a colorful photo of Zeke reaching out signaling a “First Down”. FOCO could have just slapped the Cowboys logo on each side, but no, they went above and beyond like they always do to keep us collector’s happy and engaged. 

Of course Zeke is in his “plow over your ass” pose as he’s torching defenders on his way to pay dirt. The back of the base is something out of a cartoon strip. FOCO made this bobble to replicate Zeke plowing through the Dallas Cowboys “Star” as it’s literally destroyed in half. The bottom of his foot is the last body part to exit the broken Dallas “Star” and it’s a phenomenal feature. There’s also Cowboy blue and silver rocks that lie right beneath the Star.







Sniper Rating:  The box itself needs no explanation as it’s got Zeke in a black and white photo and Zeke’s last name and number in bold letters on another side of the box. The Fidget Spinner is definitely a goodie that you want to NOT lend out to anyone. Zeke is know for the phrase “Feed Me” and FOCO paid tribute to him by including a triple “spoon” on each blade. On one side it reads “Elliot” and the other “Feed Me”. 

Hands down this is the greatest Dallas Cowboys bobblehead that I’ve ever held in hand. The tremendous detail, the height being a foot tall and the sturdiness will assure no breakage when your buddies come by on Sunday’s and want to play with it. FOCO once again nailed down a superb exclusive for us collector’s and whether you root for Zeke or not, this HAS to be included in your NFL bobblehead collection. Without any pondering, Elliott scores a 10.0. 

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12 Inch Special Edition Bobbleheads

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