Bobble of the Day

Actor: Enrico Palazzo

Team: Akron Rubberducks

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: Destroyer Promotional Products

If you haven’t seen the movie “Naked Gun” then you either must live under a rock or your just a moron. A crazy good movie of good ole Leslie Nielsen trying to uncover a plan to assassinate Queen Elizabeth, who happens to visit the United States. Nielsen who plays “Enrico Pallazo” goes way undercover as a MLB umpire and his antics crack everyone up. I’m very pleased the Rubberducks highlighted such a dynamic character and overall kick ass movie.

Throughout the game, Enrico gets a hard on by calling strikes that are in the dirt, over the catchers head and when he calls a strike 3 on a batter the fans go crazy. He loves the attention and applause from the fans. Although, when he tries to delay the game he calls a ball on every pitch. 

Enrico, within this bobble is giving the pitcher a called strike in a famous pose. As always, the Rubberducks use a “Homeplate” base as well as Enrico’s name, which is in white raised letters. He’s rocking the black umpire chest protector with the light blue undershirt, which is pinpoint detail. Speaking of detail, the umpire mask is a clean as they come as it’s got silver brackets that holds the mask in place. Well done Destroyer. 



Sniper Rating: Enrico’s white hair absolutely makes this bobblehead. Anyone can identify Enrico by his full, thick, white hair and the Rubberducks nailed this one for sure. The smile with his pure white teeth and blue eyes is an added plus to this SGA. 

Overall, this movie themed bobble is as top notch as they get. Killer design to an epic movie. Add this one to your movie bobble collection and don’t turn back. They are going for $40.00 and change on Ebay and will NOT be easy to score, come this time next year. Enrico Palazzo scores a no brainer 9.0.