Bobble of the Day

Player: Eli Manning

Team: New York Giants

Year: 2014

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles 

Eli Manning often gets a bad rap for his demeanor on the sidelines and even during games. He facial expressions, and lack of leadership has critics cringing their teeth as well as fans. The fact of the matter is that Eli is a proven winner. Ya, what if David Tyree didn’t catch that ball during the Giants first Super Bowl win under Manning? It doesn’t matter. Eli has won two rings and NEVER misses a game. I’ve actually had Eli in previous years on my fantasy squad and he’s always been healthy which you can’t say a lot for most starting quarterbacks. 

This duel Championship bobble was an exclusive piece and only limited to 504 made. FOCO did a very good job replicating his face as it looks just like Eli. The uniform is pretty standard with Giants gray, red and white colors. The base represents Big Blue with the Super Bowl Championship sticker letters along with Eli’s two Super Bowl rings. Having the two rings right smack in front of the base solidifies how special this one is. I also dig the two MVP trophies he’s holding as Eli was the man in those Super Bowls. Lastly, I commend the manufacturer by having Eli’s name in raised letters on the front. A+ job!


img_2809  img_2810

Sniper Rating: Whether you like Eli or not this is a fresh bobble. It’s got a shit ton of character and the fact the there’s 4 total trophies is a sure fire must have. Any Gmen fan would love having this in their collection. Given the uniqueness, the color combinations and the pinpoint accuracy of his facial features, Eli and his two Super Bowl victories score a 8.5 on this one.