Bobble of the Day

Player: Dwayne Wade

Team: Miami Heat

Year: 2006

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles 

A lot of NBA fans across the board hate such and such players. A few might say, Lebron, KG, Boogie Cousins, Carmelo and the list goes on. No one ever hates or roots against Dwayne Wade. No one. He’s just that type of player who is very likable no matter what team he plays on. 

Anyway, this bobble is cool as hell as it’s highlighting D-Wade as a 2X NBA Champion and the 2006 Finals MVP award. First and foremost, I love how they kept D-Wade in his all black uniform. It just looks total badass as it mixes well with his black sneakers and black socks. Of course he’s holding the 2 NBA Championship trophies which are shiny gold and the one on the base is the 06 Finals MVP trophy. I would have loved if this was a 10 inch bobble as it would stand out like CRAZY! The base is pretty unique as it’s in the shape of geometrical design. The colors are spot on with the burnt yellow mixed in with the maroon which is dope. 


img_2503  img_2505


Sniper Rating: You don’t see this D-Wade to often and they sold out pretty damn fast. If you covered the name on the front of the base you can easily tell it’s Dwayne Wade. FOCO did a nice job with the detail in his facial features. I personally consider this a must have in your collection even if your not a Heat fan. Like I stated above, EVERYONE likes D-Wade. What’s not to like? He’s a future Hall of Famer, he’s had a ton of success and he works hard. Not to mention he’s got a smokestack wife that he goes home to every night. The Flash scores a solid 9.5 on this hard to come by bobblehead.