Bobble of the Day

Manager: Don Mattingly

Team: Miami Marlins

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: Managed Promotions

Donnie baseball! Mattingly finds himself in a Marlins uniform after being let go from the Dodgers a few years ago. Great move if you ask me. He loves South Beach, the players listen to him and he’s respected around the community. My buddy Emmett who lives in Florida goes to all the bobble games and I was fortunate enough for him to snag me an extra.

I typically don’t collect many manager bobbles, but this one is a must have. Donnie just leaning on top of the arm rail managing the game like he always does. I love the sponsor Aquafina logo in blue letters dead smack on the bottom of the base. It adds a unique feature and it’s not a boring company logo. Mattingly’s letters are raised in white against the black front of the base which really pops. 



Sniper Rating: The neon green hand rail is a killer feature on this one because most dugout rails are a plain black or blue color which is boring. The bright green rail lets players know not to fall on their ass more importantly. Donnie’s facial features are on point and the glasses and wedding ring on his finger are added pluses. The Marlins spent the extra money and had the box colored with photos and stats instead of just a plain white box. Excellent move by the Marlins promotions department. 

Don Mattingly and his managerial bobble with shit tons of detail and a colored glossy box scores a 9.0. I look forward to all Marlin SGA’s as the team does care about their fans and want to please them. Their high quality bobbles are a first hand example.