Bobble of the Day

Player: Derek Jeter

Team: New York Yankees 

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

As you know I’m a diehard Red Sox fan and I hate the Yankees with a passion but this Jeter “Monument Park” is the real deal. Everyone knows Monument Park is as historical as it gets at Yankee Stadium. FOCO got insanely creative and made a tribute bobble of Jeets tipping his hat next to his plaque. 

This bobble has a special meaning behind it as DJ is in his uni with all-white cleats which is dope as fuck. The base has the Yankee logo which is raised along with his front name plate. FOCO also added his ankle brace which is detail to the finest!




Sniper Rating: DJ’s number is on front of the monument and has a deluxe emblem of him tipping his cap as the “Captain” on the back. Mark my words Snipers, these will go for BIG MONEY on the open market once he heads up to Cooperstown. A no brain purchase, head over to the Bobblehead Hall of Fame and score one while supplies last. This is a sure fire tribute to a top 5 Yankee of all time. FOCO didn’t cut any corners with this one and you shouldn’t as it needs to be in your collection whether you’re a Yankee fan or not. Hands down a 10.0 rating for Jeter and his Monument Park exclusive bobble. 

Click on the link below for greatness. 

Derek Jeter Jersey Retirement Bobbleheads