Bobble of the Day

Player: Dennis Rodman

Team: Chicago Bulls

Year: 2016

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles 

Fuckin the Worm man. Everyone views this guy as an asshole and a sure fire loose cannon. Yes, you’re right. But if you’re a Bulls fan, you know what he did for your franchise and the effort he put forth. The guy would dive into a flaming fire to grab a rebound if he had to. Their aren’t players like the worm around these days so we as fans were treated when he suited up every night.

The guys over at the Bobblehead Hall had the creativity to design the worm in his “diving” pose as he’s going after a loose ball on the hardwood. The obvious feature is the colored dyed hair. What a friggin feature! They could have just made his hair blond and called it a day but no, they added all types of bright colors.




Sniper Rating: Another clever feature is the worm positioned sideways on the bobble. If your a youngin and never saw Rodman play, look no further as this bobble says it all. Always diving, jumping all over the place and making his opponents angry as hell. The base is detailed with black raised letters for his name. 

This exclusive should be in your shopping cart and ready to display in your bobble cave. The Worm scores a solid 9.0 rating with no questions asked.

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Chicago Bulls Dennis Rodman Bobblehead