Bobble of the Day

Player: Deion Sanders 

Team: Atlanta Falcons

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles 

You want a bad ass nickname? Well, look no further than “Prime Time”. Friggin Deion Sanders was the creator of flash. The dude played professional baseball and football and was nasty at both. Rumor has it, he could have been drafted out of Florida State for basketball as well. Just like Bo Jackson, this type of athlete doesn’t surface to often or even at all nowadays. He was given the nickname “Prime Time” by a friend in high school as he was the best athlete in the state of Florida. He practically invented the do-rag and he always show boated on the field and rightfully so. The guys over at Clark Toys designed this flashy bobble of Deion in his Atlanta Falcons uniform and it’s bad ass.

The hands down best feature has to be the do-rag that says “Prime Time” on his head. That’s just a flat out boss move right there. His pose is dope as hell as he’s high stepping after intercepting a pass and running it back to the house. I love the variations of colors within his uniform as the pants are a shiny silver with black and red stripes and the all-black jersey. Everything about it just pops. 



Sniper Rating: The base has the Atl Falcons logo which is very intrinsic instead of a plain circular or square base. I wish the front letters of Deion’s name were raised but ya get what ya get and you don’t get upset. The bottom line is this bobble is as unique as they come. Deion doesn’t have many bobbles out there on the open market and with the talent this dude brought to the field every game, this one HAS to be in your collection. Remember, I wouldn’t steer you wrong as Prime Time scores a solid 8.5 rating. Click the link below and score one from the guys over at Clark Toys.

Here’s a short clip if you think I’m joking on how good he really was.