Bobble of the Day

Player: Dee Gordon 

Team: Miami Marlins

Manufacturer: Match-Up Promotions

Fucking Dee Gordon man. The guy steals a million bases and is lighting fast. I’m glad the Marlins had him in a sliding pose rather than a hitting or fielding stance as he’s know for his crazy speed.

So Dee is highlighted making a slide into second base in his Marlin orange jersey with black and orange matching cleats. I love the white raised letters against the black backdrop of the base on the front. Match-Up made it a point to add Dee’s sliding glove to protect his fingers and more importantly avoid injury. That’s definitely a feature over looked by many collectors. 




Sniper Rating: This one is a “flashy” bobble which won’t take up to much space in your display cabinet. The box is flooded with bright colors and actually has all of the Marlins bobble giveaways listed on the side of the box. A very convenient feature for us collector’s to keep track of during the grind of the baseball season. The Marlins didn’t have to much going on this season but this Gordon bobblehead can change that by adding it to your collection. Dee Gordon scores a 8.0 and I wanna give a special shout out to my buddy Emmett for the hookup.  

Catcher’s after awhile don’t even bother throwing to second. He’s that fast!