Bobble of the Day

Player: David Robinson

Team: San Antonio Spurs

Year: 2003

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

The fucking Admiral man. Who doesn’t remember David Robinson? With him and Tim Duncan being the twin towers, they were literally an unstoppable force down low. David might be one of the nicest, well mannered NBA player to ever enter the league.

This bobble sits at a standard 7 inches and is sharp as a tack. The lettering of Robinson’s name is raised which I love and is in a silver color. The white emblem on the corner of the base reads, “ NBA CHAMPIONS 2003” which is a terrific feature. The uniform is basic white with silver and black colors outlining the jersey and shorts. The trophy shines like the sun as the Admiral is holding it like a boss. 



Sniper Rating: One of the main reasons why I dig this bobble so much is the fact that the facial features look just like Robinson. Well done FOCO as you guys did not cut any corners and made it a point to throw on the mustache. One of the hardest bobbles to add to your collection from the 2003 Champions series, this Robinson is a must have but will come with a hefty price tag on the secondary market. Without question the Admiral scores a 9.0 rating.