Bobble of the Day

Player: David Price

Team: Tampa Bay Rays 

Year: 2008 SGA

Manufacturer: Alexander Global Promotions (AGP)

David Price has been bouncing around to several different teams but this TB Rays bobble is his first SGA. All of the Rays bobbles are mini’s, usually 4-5 inches and they come in a small box. I like this one. It’s cool. I like the light blue jersey color and his pitching stance replicates him getting ready to throw a fucking seed to home plate. The base shows him toeing the rubber which you don’t see on a lot of SGA’s when it’s a pitcher. The stripe on his pants are very detailed and his name on the back of the jersey is extremely visible.¬†

Sniper rating: Metro PCS is the sponsor on this bobble which you can see on the front emblem. I assume it’s a phone or data company but it doesn’t take away from what this bobble brings to the table. For David Price’s first ever bobblehead, the Tampa Bay Rays did very well on this one. The fact that it’s not the standard 7″ bobble brings the likability down a hair. He was dominant on the Rays and if you live in Florida you should snag this one(even though he’s no longer with them). Let’s go with a 7.5 on Mr. Price.