Bobble of the Day

Mascot: The Coyote 

Team: San Antonio Spurs

Year: 2008

Manufacturer: Unknown

The Coyote man! What’s better than your team mascot being a coyote? Spurs fans have been used to the Coyote running game on and off the court at charity events and what not. Diehard fans appreciate what the Coyote does each game to get the fans riled up and more importantly, the Coyote himself has been there for all the championships the Spurs have won in recent years. 

The first thing that stands out is the stance the Coyote is portraying. He’s just standing on the base with his finger in the air like a boss! He’s rocking the #2 jersey and the bright green eyes is an attractive feature. The super bright red tongue might be a little much but no one can complain. 



Sniper Rating: I wish the base was a different color because it clashes to close to the brown fur on his legs. His name is raised on the front of the base but it’s difficult to read. The font is off to me for some reason. Maybe they shouldn’t have made the letters all caps?

Overall, you can’t go wrong with this bobble in your collection and especially if your a diehard Spurs fan. The coyote has been through thick and thin with this team as they have battled for the title pretty much every season. The box is fully colored and has a glossy feel to it. The bright colors stand out and the photos of the Coyote are critical. The Spurs famous mascot scores a respectable 7.5 rating.