Bobble of the Day

Player: Coco Crisp “Coco Lean”

Team: Oakland Athletics

Year: 2013

Manufacturer: BD&A

So during the 2012 season, the Oakland Athletics put together a dance called the “Bernie Lean” which was inspired by the movie “Weekend at Bernie’s II. This dance is imitating a dead character walking in the movie. I, myself have seen both movies and they a funny as shit, but I never caught on to the “Coco Lean” stunt. Coco Crisp apparently had the Bernie Lean song play as his walk up to the plate song.

I personally, don’t get the chance to watch a lot of the A’s games(nor do I want to) so the first time I’ve noticed this bobble is when it surfaced on Ebay back in 2013. At first, fans were going crazy for this one and the price was high. I actually received this about a month ago as a “gift” from a A’s Sniper. 

So it’s very obvious that the head doesn’t bobble but the waist does as Coco is doing the “Lean”. The base is cool with the dirt platform and the letters ARE raised. The waist bobbles very well and “bobbles” with a flick of a finger. I however, do not like the head nor facial features. It looks NOTHING like Coco Crisp as it seems it was just put together quickly with eyes, ears, a nose and mouth. Overall, it could have been detailed a little better. 



Sniper Rating: For an A’s fan this is a must have in your collection. The A’s typically put out killer bobbleheads as BD&A creates all of their SGA’s, so if your on the West Coast, get this one in your Curio cabinet. I personally would not spend $50.00-$70.00 on it as the fad of the Coco “Lean” faded away quickly. I guess if you wanna add some “flavor” to your collection then get it. 

The “Coco Lean” bobble scores a mediocre 6.0 in my book.