Coach: Mike Krzyzewski

Team: Duke University

Year: 2007

Manufacturer: Unknown

The general! Coach K man. What a legendary person in NCAA basketball. You don’t go to Duke to play basketball. You go to Duke to join a “program”. Coach K turns little boys into men when they leave Duke.  His players are mannered, disciplined and work their tails off. Let’s move on to the bobble itself.

A standard Coach K stance with the arms crossed, it looks like he is eyeing a spot on the court in which his team can exploit. Classy look by Coach K with the navy blue pressed suit and shirt and tie. The base says, “Coach K” with the Duke logo on top. The facial features of the legendary coach are on point along with the slick comb over hair. 



Sniper Rating: This bobblehead is crazy special and Duke did it right. They made the actual bobblehead a very “classy” look and spiced up the box with color and design. The box colors are bright, show flames that resemble the Blue Devils and a brief write-up on Coach K and his career. As a non Duke fan, I appreciate this bobble. This is one that needs to be on your shelf immediately and displayed proudly. The Blue Devils iconic Coach scores a 9.5.