Bobble of the Day 

Mascot: Clemson Tigers

Team: Clemson Tigers

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles 

Without further question, the Bobblehead Hall of Fame designed a beauty of this Clemson Tigers National Championship bobblehead. I can remember 2-3 years ago when any team in any sport won a National Title, we’d rarely if not ever, see a Championship bobble produced. The boys over at the Hall started creating NCAA Basketball Champ bobbles and here we have the first of I’m sure many to come College Football Champ bobbles. 

I’d like to start off by saying I am in love with the Clemson colors. Bright orange with a flash of purple. Both colors pop dramatically and this is one to own. The base has a lower layer of orange and above is bright purple all around. The Clemson and National Champions letters are outlined in white. Directly on the front top of the base lies the the Tigers logo which looks cool as hell. The National Championship trophy stands right in front of the Tiger. The Tiger himself is decked out in orange and black colors with a fresh looking white jersey. I’m glad they included the tail as it wraps around the back of his ass and is glued at the bottom of the left ankle. 



Sniper Rating: What stands out most is the eyes on this sucker. Bright yellow mixed in with white, orange and black colors around the face and head. Awesome collectible even if you are not a Clemson fan. I am a College football fan and what Clemson did to Alabama in the title game was insane. A must, must have in your collection without a doubt. 9.5 for the Clemson Tiger mascot Snipers.