Bobble of the Day

Mascot: Clemson Tiger

Team: Clemson Tigers

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles 

Death Mother F’n Valley. Literally a place where it’s impossible to win. The Tigers won the title last year and now the dudes over at the Bobblehead Hall of Fame came out with another Clemson Tiger mascot bobblehead and it’s featuring Howard’s Rock. For those who don’t know, the players on their way down the hill in the east end zone, touch the rock at Memorial Stadium. I love long lasting traditions and I love this bobble.

The Tiger has so much swag within his pose and it’s not even funny. His left arm is leaning on the rock with his left leg crossed over. Straight chillin is what he’s doing and the pedestal with the Clemson logo tops it off.





Sniper Rating: Clemson football is a top program in NCCA football and what’s better than a killer mascot? If you’re a Clemson fan this needs to be under your tree on Christmas morning. If you’re not a Clemson fan, this needs to be in your bobblehead display cabinet. Dabo Swinney isn’t going anywhere and either is this College Football program. Only place to score this is the Bobblehead Hall. Get it. Get it now. Get it for a Xmas gift. Get it for yourself. Link below. 

Clemson Tigers Howard's Rock Bobblehead

If you don’t believe me about this whole Howard’s Rock thing, look below. If you don’t get chills then you’re a moron.