Bobble of the Day

Player: Clayton Kershaw

Team: Los Angeles Dodgers

Year: 2015

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles 

So we all know Kershaw is the main beast in the National League. There’s no denying he’s a shoe in for the Hall of Fame as he’s literally won every award possible which is a good segway into this exclusive bobble of Clayton.

In 2015, FOCO came out with a 3X Cy Young award winner bobble which a really sharp looking base. Kershaw is holding one of his Cy Young plaques and his right arm is raised displaying he’s the fucking boss. He’s wearing a standard home jersey and pant uniform with fresh looking blue stripes. The all blue shoes match the Dodger blue colors to go along with his hat. 

The newspaper base is a very cool feature as it’s got a picture of him delivering a seed to home plate and reads, “Kershaw wins 3rd NL Cy Young Award!” What better way to celebrate the best pitcher in the NL by having this exclusive bobble sit in the front row of your cabinet? It’s an absolute must have and practically sold out everywhere. 



Sniper Rating: Any Dodger fan needs this one in their collection as well as any MLB fan for that purpose. Also, given the fact that Kershaw has another solid 8 years ahead of him, one has to believe he’s only bound to get even better. All signs point to a fantastic bobble of a great player and a must have in your collection. Kershaw and his 3X Cy Young bobble scores a 9.5.