Bobble of the Day

Player: Clayton Kershaw

Team: Los Angeles Dodgers

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles 

I already know Dodger fans are going to go bizerk over FOCO’S brand new “Special Edition” bobblehead. Forget even Dodger fans, any fan of the game of baseball should go ape shit over this one. 

This bobble is absolutely flooded with detail and the fact that it’s 12″ tall and weighs 7lbs is crazy. When it arrived today, my 4 year old daughter couldn’t even pick it up as that’s how heavy it is. The theme of this beauty is the fact that Kershaw brings the heat in every one of his starts. FOCO decided to highlight the gas thrower himself with a flame throwing left arm. This feature is insane. It literally looks like there is fire from his hand to below his elbow. I love the yellowish, orange and red combination of colors as it really makes the bobble pop. Clayton is in his “release point stance” and the width of one of his legs are the size of 2 standard legs combined on every other 8″ bobble. The mound that he’s standing on is authentic as it gets. FOCO put some grass below the dirt mound and it was a good move on their part, as it gives an actual “feel” of a pitchers mound. And the detail doesn’t stop there. FOCO could have just had Kershaw on a plain dirt mound, but they didn’t. They added the “LA” letters that are RASIED and Kershaw’s full name on a thick “name plate” with raised blue letters against a white background. The name plate itself is almost a half an inch in width! 

The lights and scoreboard on the backing provides all collector’s the feel that Kershaw is pitching in Dodgers Stadium. I love the mixture and fading of the “Dodger blue color” with a light baby blue color on the scoreboard. There’s not to many bobbles out there that have a scoreboard and this one itself is almost 9 inches tall! 

As you can see, the facial features are spot on and the detail in Kershaw’s wavy hair flowing out the back of his hat is an added plus. 







Sniper Rating: This bobble speaks for itself and FOCO is staying with the theme of adding a Fidget Spinner to their exclusives. I love that idea, as the spinner that comes in this box is as sharp as a tack. On both sides there’s a Dodger blue “claw” engraved on each blade and has the words, “The Claw” imprinted within the spinner. Secondly, on one side, Kershaw’s name is engraved with his number #22 and on the other side has the “LA” logo. A very good tactic by FOCO to capture the ultimate fanhood in every Dodger collector.

Lastly, the box is something like I’ve never seen. Except for a few 3 foot bobbles I own, this is by far the largest box that holds a bobblehead in my “bobble cave”. Just like the Aaron Judge exclusive box, FOCO stuck with the black and white photo of Clayton, which is flat out a classic look. I love it. It’s also got the Dodgers logo splattered all over and has an image of the “Claw” on the back side. 

This exclusive of the best pitcher in baseball is a no brainer to add to your collection. Given the fact that it’s only $60.00, 12 inches tall, weighs 7lbs and very limited, this will fly off the shelves. This bobble is definitely in my top 3 of “most detailed” bobbles I personally own. My only knock on it, which is not a huge deal, is the fact that this will be very difficult to display. This bobble is so large that it most likely won’t fit in your curio cabinet. This one belongs on your fireplace mantle as the Dodgers roll into the playoffs! 

Flame thrower Kershaw scores a stand up 10.0.

Direct link below to purchase as these will go quickly.