Bobble of the Day

Player: Clayton Kershaw 

Team: Rancho Qucamongo Quakes

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: Promotional Adventures

Another beauty from the Rancho Quakes here Snipers. This years Quakes bobbleheads are my favorite by far. They seem to out due themselves year after year.

I love the color combinations on this Kershaw one with the shiny silver base and the teal lettering. Those two colors pop like a mother f’er and they stand out in any collection. Kershaw is once again in his follow through stance as he’s throwing a 95+mph heater on the black. I dig the raised teal letters on the circular base. His beard looks dope as hell but I wish the mouth looked a little more like him. 




Sniper Rating: In addition to Kershaw’s name on the base being raised letters, his number on the jersey and “Quakes” logo are raised. The Quakes didn’t hold back the effort, as it’s one of my favorites. The box alone gave me a stiffy, as it’s flooded with photo’s and advertisements and has a glossy coating to it. 

Again, I love this year’s version of Quakes bobbles and this Kershaw takes the cake. 

A hands down must have in your collection as the best pitcher in the Big Leagues. a 10.0 for Mr. Kershaw.