Bobble of the Day

Players: Chipper Jones/Freddie Freeman

Team: Atlanta Braves

Year: 2016

Manufacturer: Unknown 

So we all know the story how Freddie Freeman got stuck in an unexpected snowstorm and was stranded for over 5 hours. He posted on Twitter how he was stuck and his former teammate Chipper Jones came to the rescue with his ATV to save Freddie. 

Very unique story but this bobblehead says it all. The Braves obviously caught wind of this and decided to give out a bobblehead depicting the two former Braves on an ATV. Very creative idea right?

First off, Chipper is all decked out in his camouflage attire to go along with his “Army” colored ATV which is camouflage as well. Freddie is straight pimping on back holding tight and extremely thankful his buddy came to rescue him. 




Sniper: The facial features look pretty solid and the base is a standard gray color with white raised letters that read, “Chipper Rescues Freddie”. I personally don’t own a bobblehead that depicts an ATV so this one is front and center in my Curio Cabinet. Two good ball players and even a better story. Get your hands on this SGA as this is one of the most creative bobbles you’ll ever see. Chipper to the rescue to save Freddie scores a sure fire 9.0.